About us

Framed in the development of the Mission of the Pontificia Universidad javeriana consisting of promoting the integral formation of people who stand out for their high human, ethical, academic, professional quality and for their social responsibility; and in turn, to strive for the creation and development of knowledge and culture in a critical and innovative perspective, for the achievement of a just, sustainable,
inclusive, democratic, solidary and respectful of human dignity, the Center for Studies Observatory on Military Law (CSOML), is an academic space in which it seeks to generate research and broad reflection on the structure, operation and purposes of the Military Forces, which will benefit the consolidation of democratic institutions and the recognition of the important social and Constitutional role played
by the military establishment in any society.

Thus, we are an academic community dedicated to the study of the Military Forces that recognizes the existence of an autonomous branch of Law called Military Law - Understood this, as the area of Law that deals with the legal study of the foundations, structure and operation of the Military Forces as state administrative institutions of a special nature whose purpose is "the defense of sovereignty, independence, integrity of the national territory and constitutional order - which aims to contribute to the strengthening of democratic institutions, through the academic approach and social between the military establishment and the University.

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We are an academic community dedicated to the study of the Military Forces from the Legal Sciences, we seek close interaction between members of both fields of knowledge, through forums, seminars and conferences, which are framed in different areas that can be studied from both branches of knowledge; By the year 2022, we will have academic publications that allow us to publicize the results of the investigations carried out and we will continue with the organization of discussion spaces.


The Observatory on Military Law of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana will be a vehicle of knowledge that allows the exchange of ideas between the Military Forces and the civilian population, producing scientific articles, fostering meetings where the space for discussion and generating documents that allow visibilizar of clear way the paper of the Military Forces in the contemporary state.

What do we do?

The Observatory on Military Law of the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, is dedicated to propitiate discussion spaces that allow the development of the study of the Public Force in a legal context.


For this we have a research hotbed in which students of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana have the opportunity to research and write articles or papers, we publish, participate and organize academic events, from the hand of different partner institutions and we have different spaces in which the discussion of current issues is allowed.

General Objetive

Contribute to the strengthening of the Colombian democratic institutions, in particular the Military Forces, through the implementation and development of different academic meetings and scientific publications, which allow the societies to know better the structure and functioning of their Military Forces and to clearly define the role that corresponds to them as institutions of our contemporary state.

Specific objectives

2. Develop research work in the area of military law related to issues such as:the constitutional role of the Military Forces, the Extracontractual StateLiability, the Social Security and Pension System of the Military Forces(economic perspective) and the Military Civil Service, among others.

3.Carry out forums, seminars and conferences that allow discussing issues elated to the Military Forces, from different perspectives of society.

1. Integrate different members of the academic, judicial and military community, both nationally and internationally, for the development of specific projects, academic and social, related to the Military Forces.

4. Encourage the investigation of military law from the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, through the creation of a seedbed formed by students of the same.

5. Manage and accompany the process of publication of scientific works as a
result of the discussions and research developed by the Observatory.

Princípios constitucionais nas Cortes Marciais

Superior Tribunal Militar

Publicado el 16 dic. 2013


Seminário Sul e Norte-americano de Direito Constitucional e Militar. Parte 2. Palestrante: Javier Rincon (COLÔMBIA)