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National Navy, Victims and Context Seminar. Memories of the Blue Flag. Academic Analysis

May 22, 2020 

On May 22 of this year, the National Navy, Victims and Context Seminar was held. Memories of the Blue of the Flag, virtual event organized by the Military Law Observatory of the Faculty of Legal Sciences-Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in the company of the National Navy, with the participation of Dr. Javier Rincón Salcedo Ph.D Director of the Observatory of Military Law, Mr. Admiral Orlando Enrique Grisales Franchesi Head of the Legal Headquarters of the National Navy and Mr. Captain Juan Manuel París Bermúdez, among others.

Throughout the event, the historical - legal analysis was presented by the invited academics on some of the most relevant cases for the institution (National Navy) in the framework of the Colombian armed conflict: 

1. Cerro Tokio Case

– Prof. Dr.Rafael Prieto Sanjuán Ph.D


2. Jurado Case, Chocó

– Prof Dr.Andrés Ramírez Moncayo Ph.D


3. La Tagua Case, Putumayo

– Prof Dr.Javier Gustavo Rincón Salcedo Ph.D


4. Solano Case, Caquetá

– Prof. Dr.Gustavo Cote Barco Ph.D


5. Iscuandé Case, Nariño

– Prof. Dr.Orlando De La Vega Martinis Ph.D


Subsequently, a space for dialogue and resolution of doubts took place to end this day with the launch of the book “Memories of the Blue of the Flag” as a result of the work of the National Navy that recounts each of the cases presented during the event.

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