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Military Police will be present in Bogotá to combat crime: what can they do and what can they not?

The presence of Military Police in Bogotá will be focused on specific points considered critical in towns such as Usme, Bosa, Ciudad Bolívar, Kennedy, Usaquén, Mártires and in areas of Chapinero , hit by massive robberies. The question is what can and cannot the Military Police do in the event of a criminal act in the city?

“Members of the Military Police can act in any case of flagrancy that is presented. Normally, Military Police units are accompanied or advised by members of the Police and the CTI, which means that they act under current, prevailing legal parameters,” explains John Marulanda, president of Acore.

Javier Rincón, director of the Military Law Observatory of the Javeriana University, the Military Police “can obviously carry out positional control, can make a physical presence of a deterrent nature, can develop checkpoints and, without a doubt, react to the imminence of a criminal act against a citizen.” See also: Laura, the teenager shot during a robbery in Bosa, received a surprise when she returned home

According to experts, from a legal point of view, there is no framework that allows the legitimate use of force or use of weapons unless they are under the figure of military assistance, which is not the case in Bogotá.

“What this means is that in no way can they replace the activities, they cannot replace the roles or tasks of the Police, they can only assist with what is required, prior presence of the Police,” says Iván Díaz, security expert. national.

Specialists assure that militarization is one thing and military cooperation is another, the latter occurring in Bogotá. Therefore, they warn that, although it is not a new figure, it is worth taking care of.

“It is an option that rulers must weigh very well because in some cases it has created problems due to administrative, criminal or disciplinary responsibility that arise from the actions of soldiers who are constitutionally not there to combat crime,” says Marulanda.

It is expected that in the coming days the 13th Brigade of the Army will confirm to Mayor Claudia López the number of members of the Military Police that it will deliver to Bogotá and from when.

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