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National Army neutralized terrorist action of the residual GAO Carlos Patiño

The National Army, through territorial control tasks, located an area prepared with explosives in a rural area of Argelia, Cauca.

National Army troops neutralized , in a controlled manner, an area prepared with multiple improvised explosive devices , which were installed with the purpose of attacking the civilian population and the Public Force .

The events were recorded in the El Encanto village, in the Sinaí district, in the municipality of Argelia, Cauca, where cylinders, unexploded ammunition, launching means and antipersonnel mines were found. This military area control operation carried out by the troops allowed the discovery of these illicit means and methods of war, which were located on routes frequented by the residents and farmers of the region.

It should be noted that in the sector, territorial disputes have been taking place between the residual Organized Armed Group (GAO-r) Carlos Patiño Structure and the GAO ELN José María Becerra , for the criminal control of the production, processing and marketing of the coca leaf. in what is known as the coca-growing enclave of the Micay canyon.

The explosive elements would have been installed by members of the GAO-r Carlos Patiño Structure, a terrorist organization that commits crimes in this area of the department of Cauca, and that by carrying out these acts attacks the civilian population, which becomes a flagrant violation. to human rights and violation of the provisions established in international humanitarian law.

With the destruction of these death traps, there are already 20 terrorist actions that have been neutralized in the region, through registration and control tasks carried out by the men of the National Army, protecting the civilian population and mitigating the early warnings established by the Ombudsman's Office. Town for this area, such as 018 of 2018, and 010 and 047 of 2020.

It is in this way that the National Army continues to guarantee the life, property and security of the community residing in the towns of El Mango, El Sinaí, La Belleza, Puerto Rico and El Plateado, in the municipality of Argelia, Cauca.

Source: press – National Army

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