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With the arrival of two Hercules C-130 aircraft, the United States' commitment to Colombia is ratified

Humanitarian aid operations, troop transportation, national security and fire control capabilities are strengthened.

The United States delivered to Colombia two Hercules C-130 aircraft that ratify the commitment to cooperation and joint work between the government of President Biden and President Duque.

"The Minister of Defense Diego Molano stated that these aircraft will strengthen humanitarian aid operations, troop transport, national security and will have, for example, capabilities to control fires."

“What we are seeing is a common purpose to maintain security against transnational crimes such as drug trafficking and guarantee security in the hemisphere.”

These planes have a load capacity of 16 tons and can transport 110 armed and equipped men, 64 paratroopers and 72 stretchers.

In addition, its missions also include search and rescue, hot refueling, troop infiltration/exfiltration, and cargo drop missions.

“We continue working hard to have a robust, strong Colombian Air Force that helps control threats and has great humanitarian capacity,” continued the head of the Defense portfolio.

Parallel to the event, Minister Molano decorated Admiral Craig. S. Faller, commander of the Southern Command, with a military medal in the Grand Cross category for distinguished services , thanking him for his work in alliance with Colombia.

“The defense of democracy and freedom is one of the values that unite our countries and that we hope will continue to unite our nations in the future,” Molano told Admiral Faller.

Source: Sector communication – Ministry of National Defense

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