The Observatory on Military Law, as an academic community dedicated to the study of the Military Forces and Military Law, has approached it through a multidisciplinary view, seeking to contribute to the strengthening of democratic institutions in the contemporary State through the creation of spaces of rapprochement and discussion between academia, society and the Military Forces, which allow for an objective analysis through the consideration of diverse social and legal perspectives on issues of great relevance today. For this reason, it has been developing one of its main axes: Military Law as a line of interest that covers Assurance of Military Assets and Operations, Military Disciplinary Law and Public Procurement in Military Forces, among others.





To study the branch of Military Law from different perspectives, with special emphasis on Military Disciplinary Law, Public Procurement in the Military Forces and Assurance of Goods and Military Operations.


Revisando la leyes

To make visible this area of interest developed as a research line in the Military Law Seedbed and to keep the community always updated on legal and juridical issues related to Military Law


To publish research covering topics of 

great relevance in the field of military law, 

news and updates or changes of any nature 

in the legal system that affect this area.

botas del ejército

To consolidate ourselves as a platform for academic dissemination that provides the public with technical elements necessary 

for the understanding of topics related to Military Law, which will allow an objective opinion of the reader in the face of 

current problems, among other benefits.