Air Force IG on racial study: ‘No preordained outcome’

Actualizado: 12 ago 2020

“There’s definitely no preordained outcome,” Lt. Gen. Sami Said, the Air Force’s IG, said in a phone conversation with Air Force Times. “It is what it is — what the data tells us, what the feedback tells us, will be what we report on.”

Said’s comments came after Air Force Times on Saturday published an op-ed from an officer, Lt. Col. Tibebu Tsegga, who felt the recent Air Force survey on racial equality was skewed to confirm a “pre-determined hypothesis”: that institutional racial disparities exist in the service and that white airmen in charge were its cause.

“[A]necdotal experiences, even if widely publicized, do not conclusively indicate a systemic issue,” Tsegga wrote.

In the interview Tuesday, Said declined to rebut Tsegga’s op-ed directly. And he said he could understand why someone would come to the conclusion, without knowing the entire story of how the IG is approaching this study, that the survey was slanted to produce findings of racial inequality.

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