The military Law Observatory holds the Symposium on Public Force and the Truth Commission.

Actualizado: 2 jun 2020

The Observatory of Military Law, the Joint Command of the Military Forces and the Truth Commission, held the First Forum on International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights and Operational Law on February 18, 2020 at the Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogota.

The speakers were Major General Paulina Leguizamón Zárate (EJC), Chief of the Sub-headquarters of the Institutional Legal Staff; Brigadier General Javier Alberto Ayala Amaya, Commander of the Strategic Transition Joint Command; Rear Admiral Orlando Enrique Grisales Franceschi, Legal Chief of the National Navy, among other distinguished experts, to discuss human rights, international humanitarian law and command responsibility.

On Wednesday, February 18, the Public Force and the Truth Commission symposium took place at the Jaime Hoyos Vásquez auditorium of the Pontifical Xavierian University, with the participation of Commissioner Carlos Ospina and members of the Colombian Army, the Colombian Navy, the Colombian Air Force and the National Police.

In the words of Commissioner Carlos Guillermo Ospina, the first result of this event is the creation of mutual trust, as well as respect and consideration for speaking in an open and frank manner. Likewise, Brigadier General Javier Ayala highlighted the importance of this type of approach achieved by holding forums with the commission, since he considers that the construction of truth in terms of memory and the context of what was the non-international armed conflict with the extinct FARC is a commitment of all Colombians.

Similarly, Major General Juan Salcedo, a member of the Colombian Association of Retired Officers of the Military Forces, indicated that they have worked jointly with the commission, holding various meetings in which a group of generals with broad experience contributed their concepts on certain elements, clarifying the commission's doubts.

Finally, Dr. Javier Rincón Salcedo emphasized what is expected from both the Armed Forces and the Commission in order to achieve an effective construction of the truth: “We expect transparency from the Armed Forces, that is, we believe that the Armed Forces have always been respectful of democracy, but we also understand that because of the conflict, situations have arisen that are deplorable and that we must recognize that as part of this construction of the truth, we do not expect denials from the military forces, but transparency, but also from the Truth Commission we expect absolute objectivity, that these types of important events do not simply remain to be heard and then discarded, but rather to integrate all of the experiences of a large number of Colombians who lived through the war in order to construct this truth through the historical commission.”

Source: (Verdad, 2020)


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