Military Law Observatory participates in Public Air Transport Service and Insurance Seminar

The event took place on Tuesday, March 3 of this year and was attended by Dr. Javier Rincón Salcedo, Director of the Observatory of Military Law and Associate Professor of the Department of Public Law at the Pontifical Xavierian University, who began the Seminar, followed by the opening conference by Mr. Carlos Eduardo Gonzáles Triviño, current Manager of Seguros Generales Previsora S. A. The event had three tables divided thematically:

1.) Global reality and perspectives of the aviation insurance and reinsurance market. Chaired by Mr. Oscar Rincón, Director for Latin America, Price Forbes. Composed by:

I. Tarcan Erissen, Price Forbes.

II. Benn Cannon.

III. Oscar Rincón, Director for Latin America, Price Forbes.

IV. Martha Didle, Price Forbes.

2. ) Perspectives of global trends in local insurance and reinsurance markets in the field of aviation, formed by:

I. Dr. Pedro Granados, Manager, Granados y CIA LTDA, as chairman.

II. Raymundo Camacho, Manager of Icaro Seguros Mexico.

III. Daniel Leal, expert in aeronautical operational security.

IV. Dr. José Ignacio García Arboleda, Partner of García Arboleda Abogados. Expert lawyer in Aeronautical Law.

3.) Regulation of the insurance and reinsurance market in the aviation market, chaired by Dr. Javier Gustavo Rincón Salcedo.

I. Javier Gustavo Rincón Salcedo Ph. D Associate Professor, Department of Public Law, Faculty of Legal Sciences. Pontifical Xavierian University.

II. Dr. Carlos Andrés Uribe, Ph. D Associate Professor, Department of Economic Law, Faculty of Legal Sciences Pontifical Xavierian University.

III. Daniel Conde. President of the Association of Drone Professionals

IV. Dr. Hugo Moreno, Head of the Statistics Division. UAE Civil Aeronautics.

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