The National Army and the Observatory participated in a conversatory on Military Law

With the purpose of joining efforts, as well as structuring serious, considered and high academic level analysis and studies on the realities and challenges of our Military Forces, this conversation was held at the facilities of the Pontifical xavierian University, where outstanding women in the National Army participated, such as Major General Paulina Leguizamón, Deputy Chief of the Institutional Legal Staff of the Military Forces.

In addition, Brigadier General Javier Alberto Ayala Amaya, head of the Comprehensive Legal Department, had the opportunity to participate in an academic discussion with the Judge of the Supreme Military Court of Brazil, Dr. Maria Elizabeth Guimarães Rocha who presented an overview of the passage and insertion of women in the Military Forces, stating that the historical evolution of women's participation in the Armed Forces underwent a profound transformation in the early seventies. Preceded by women's participation in the formal economy during the First and Second World Wars and that the adoption of a new model of social participation and public policies, the insertion of women in the labour market and the democratic pressure in favour of egalitarian values and gender equity left military archetypes altered.

“According to international treaties and agreements, there has since been no doubt about the possibility of women entering into all military functions, including combat, as provided for in the 1945 United Nations Charter which emphatically proclaims gender equality, the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human and Citizen's Rights and the 1953 United Nations Convention on the Political Rights of Women. To support them, the June 1977 Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions (1949)”

Dr. Guimarães also made it clear that “women do not undermine the discipline, cohesion and morale of the troops, but work together efficiently and effectively"; and concluded that “the historical greatness of the entry of women into the ranks of the Armed Forces symbolizes the recognition that the defense of the Fatherland is the duty of all citizens.”

Similarly, Major Claudia Pedraza, officer of the General Business Directorate, made a speech in which she emphasized that “the role that women can play today reflects the result of the struggles and conquests faced by those who have preceded them and that therefore today more than ever, the philosophy of gender must be aimed at continuing to empower them in their role as team builders of a society that provides opportunities to their children, siblings and in general to each of their families.”

This important academic activity concluded with the intervention of Major General Paulina Leguizamón, who spoke about the importance of women in the Colombian Armed Forces and their military career in the different positions held within the Military Criminal Justice system.

Source: Ejército Nacional de Colombia. (28 de Agosto de 2019). Ejército Nacional participó en conversatorio en Derecho Militar de Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Boletín de Prensa Ejército Nacional(34), pg. 2.

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