Watch coalition aircraft pummeling ISIS fighters in Iraq

The U.S. released video showing American F-15s supporting an Iraqi aerial and ground bombardment of a large number of ISIS fighters south of Kirkuk, Iraq.

Operation Inherent Resolve— the U.S.-led mission to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria — said more than 20 ISIS fighters were killed in the April 13 strikes.

The coalition said in a news release that they supported Iraq troops with close-air support and surveillance assets as Iraqi forces battled ISIS fighters near the “austere terrain of Wadi Ashai near Kirkuk.”

No coalition advisers participated in the Iraqi ground assault, OIR said in a release.

“The ISF’s ability to target and punish Daesh in this isolated territory confirms that these Daesh criminals have no safe haven,” Col. Matt Brown, the OIR Task Force-Iraq deputy commander, said in the release.

Operations continue against ISIS fighters despite a temporary pause in training due to COVID-19.

Some coalition forces have left Iraq following the breakout of the virus as training of Iraqi forces was put on pause to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Video on: https://www.dvidshub.net/video/747985/isf-coalition-blast-isis-hideout

Source: (Snow, s.f.)


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