The Observatory of Military Law, taking into account the pluridisciplinarity that has allowed the continuous approach between society and the Public Force in multiple spaces that have given rise to the academic debate from different perspectives, has been developing lines of research that contribute to the strengthening of democratic institutions in the contemporary State, exposing and objectively analyzing from the academy issues of great relevance, which involve both the Forces and society in general.


The line of research "Military Forces and Gender Equality" therefore aims to address the role of women in them, as one of the controversial issues of particular importance considering their historical evolution and the legal development that has accompanied this process.





To address from the academy, the historical evolution and current legal development of the role of women in the Military Forces through articles, publications, spaces for discussion and rapprochement between society and its Military Institutions to contribute to their strengthening thanks to the different approaches resulting from these research processes.


1. To develop scientific publications, academic articles, carry out events and generate spaces for discussion and research that allow for evidence of the current panorama of women in the Military Forces.

2. To work jointly with institutions from different sectors in research projects that address the role of women in the Military Forces from multiple disciplines, which will allow the development of academic discussion from different perspectives.

3. To contribute to the process of inclusion that has taken place in the Military Forces through research and to make known the current situation of women in the Forces, studying the measures adopted and the actions taken by the military sector to eliminate barriers based on gender.