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We are an academic community dedicated to the study of the Military Forces that recognizes the existence of an autonomous branch of Law called Military Law – understood as the area of Law that deals with the legal study of the foundations, structure and functioning of the Military Forces. as state administrative institutions of a special nature, whose purpose is the defense of sovereignty, independence, the integrity of the national territory and the constitutional order - which aims to contribute to the strengthening of democratic institutions, through academic and social rapprochement between the military establishment and the university.

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We are a multidisciplinary academic community, which seeks close interaction between military institutions, the university, and private companies, through the development of academic activities that contribute to the study of military law as an autonomous branch of law. By 2022 we will have academic publications that make it possible to publicize the results of the research carried out and we will continue with the organization of discussion spaces.

The Military Law Observatory will be a vehicle of knowledge that allows the exchange of ideas between the Military Forces and the civilian population, producing scientific articles, promoting meetings where space is provided for discussion and generating documents that make the role of the Military Forces in the contemporary state.


The Military Law Observatory is dedicated to providing spaces for discussion that allow the study of the Public Force to be developed from a multidisciplinary perspective. For this, we have a hotbed in which students have the opportunity to research and write articles or presentations, we publish, organize and participate in academic events, in coordination with different allied institutions from both the public and private sectors and we have different spaces for academic discussion on current events.


Contribute to the strengthening of democratic institutions, particularly the Military Forces, through the implementation and development of different academic meetings and scientific publications, which allow societies to better understand the structure and functioning of their Military Forces and clearly define the role that corresponds to them as institutions of our contemporary state.


1. Develop research work in the area of military law, related to topics such as the constitutional function of the military forces, the non-contractual responsibility of the state, social security and the pension system of more military forces, conscription and the defense of sovereignty, among others.



Superior Military CourtPosted Dec 16 2013SUBSCRIBE 7.5 THOUSAND

South and North American SeminarConstitutional and Military Direito. Part 2.Presenter: Javier Rincon (COLÔMBIA)

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