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The Military Law Observatory Study Center as a multidisciplinary academic community dedicated to the study of the Military Forces that aims to contribute to the strengthening of democratic institutions, through the academic and social rapprochement between the military establishment and the university; whose objective (link in the word objective that would refer to who we are)  is, among others, to promote research in Military Law from the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, has developed research axes that respond to an academic approach to Military Law from an increasingly dynamic and globalized context.  

Research Line Director Members


Prof. Dr. Javier Gustavo
Rincon Salcedo Ph.D

Director of the Environment as a Strategic Asset line as well as for Defense and National Security and the Military Disciplinary Law line.

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Prof. Dra. Min. María.png

Prof. Dra. Min. María 
Elizabeth Rocha Ph.D

Director of the Military Forces and Gender line.

Dr. Oscar Rincón MG

Director of the Asset Assurance and Military Operations line.

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Prof. Dr. Pedro Tomás.png

Prof. Dr. Pedro  Thomas
Snowy  Battle Ph.D

Director of the Military Forces and Public Ethics line.

Prof. Dr. Carlos Andrés
Uribe Piedrahita Ph.D

Director of the Markets line in Defense Public Procurement.

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Prof.Dr. Fernanda de.png

Prof.Dr. Fernanda of
Carvalho Lage Ph.D

Director of the Military Forces and Artificial Intelligence line.

General Romeu Costa Ribeiro Bastos

Director of the Modern Wars and New Threats line.

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