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As a research group attached to the Military Law Observatory, our Semillero seeks the interdisciplinary study of this branch of Law – understood as the area of law that deals with the organic and functional legal study of the Military Forces as an institution.


This is intended to allow, through the academic and social approach between the military establishment and the university, greater knowledge of the structure and functioning of the Military Forces, clearly defining the role that corresponds to them as institutions of our contemporary state, contributing to its strengthening as a democratic institution during the process and studying from multiple academic scenarios all types of situations that involve them, using sources of information such as national and international experts, treaties and conventions ratified by Colombia (IHL, human rights, etc.), bases of data from the International Committee of the Red Cross, Political Constitution of Colombia, national and international doctrine and jurisprudence, databases of UN documents, Military Penal Code, and other applicable national and international regulations.


Promote research and interest in Military Law by undergraduate students of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.



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1. Develop research work in the area of military law, related to topics such as the constitutional function of the military forces, the non-contractual responsibility of the state, social security and the pension system of more military forces, conscription and the defense of sovereignty, among others.

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