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Military Forces and Police seize weapons and supplies for the processing of alkaloids

The Colombian Navy, together with the National Army and coordinated with the National Police , have deployed their operational capabilities in order to guarantee security to the inhabitants of the communities settled in the lower Putumayo , through river and land controls in this region of the country, which has allowed the seizure of war material and supplies for the processing of alkaloids.

The operations are carried out by Units of the Marine Infantry River Battalion No.30 of the Colombian Navy, together with troops of the Jungle Infantry Battalion No.49 of the National Army and the National Police, who have intensified the force in the areas where in recent days, confrontations have been recorded between members of the residual Organized Armed Groups.

As a result of these controls, an illegal warehouse was found in the town of Puerto Ospina that contained two rifle-type firearms with suppliers, and communications equipment. Likewise, in the urban area of Puerto Leguízamo, a subject was captured who was found in possession of eight gallons of sulfuric acid and 15 kilograms of potassium permanganate, substances used for the processing of narcotics .

The Colombian Navy through the Southern Naval Force will continue to intensify river controls on the Putumayo River, in order to preserve the mobility and safety of the inhabitants, while extending the invitation to report any criminal act to the line. cell phone 3132148625, available 24 hours a day.

Source: press – Colombian Navy.

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